Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Triumph WWII

I have posted content before about Triumph's Coventry factory Luftwaffe bombing on September 14/15 1940. The following information on the unexploded bomb outlined before is not something I recall seeing before.

The Bomb.
Fork Assembly - Coventry 1935
 Clearance and salvage work came to an abrupt halt when the discovery was made. The filler cap retaining the explosive within this particular missile was eventually chrome plated and used as an ash tray for many years at Meriden in the senior staff dining room.  

Over the years a common joke was that Edward Turner went to the roof of his plant and painted a big white bull's-eye for the German bombardiers knowing that needed factory modernization might well be realized on the UK Ministry of Supply's dime. The fact that some of the machine tooling later recovered from the Coventry plant remained in production until Triumph ultimate collapse in the 70's clearly negates such claims. 

Turner was not however afraid to capitalize on the marketing opportunity rather successfully. 

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