Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jolly Roger Motorcycle Club Meet - 1946

The following picture is one of those vintage motorcycle racing photos you find pasted all around the Internet. It's just so timeless. What I didn't know is it's Jolly Roger's related. Looks at the faces in the crowd. It's instantly clear everyone there is well aware this guy is a BAMF.

Gwenn Myers

So based on the photo album pages posted here. the photo appears to have come from a September 16, 1945 Jolly Roger Motorcycle Club Meet.There are several other photos from that meet posted from that meet

Little Peppy & Farwell

A little Jolly Rogers stunt action between hill runs. I've heard the Seattle Cossacks got their start from similar racing breaks.
And other JRMC meets...

'Fly Boy' Jack Coney - May 19 Meet, 1946

King John - JRMC Meet May 19, 1946
I eventually found my way to the entire album. Can you say mother-load? It's gonna take at least another day to go through them all. I plan to spend a little time trying to see what I am able to found out about individual riders by name. It's just way too cool!

Bellingham TT June 23, 1946

Mt Baker MC 1946

Don Feister Tacoma Trials 1953

Tacoma Trials - 1953

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locknut said...

Very much enjoying your blog. Looks like I'm about 5-10 years slow on seeing it. The last photo in the 1946 JR Club meet titled Tacoma Trials 1953 - I am fairly certain that is Paul Allen who owned the Lakewood Triumph shop in the late 1940s. My Dad worked for him in the late 40s. I got to hang out as they reminisced at motorcycle events 70s thru 90s.