Monday, November 19, 2012


Something about the prospect of transitioning soon from 300+ days of sunshine per year to about 60 has me thinking a front fender might just be unavoidable. So how do I add a front fender to my lovely 'Liv without it looking like orthopedic shoes on a bikini model? This is the best approach I've seen.

Next I guess I'll have to address all the hardware that will flash rust...


Anonymous said...

You jammin' the state man?
Trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear is always a work of futility. It's like if I let my hairs grow long on top so I could do a comb-over to give the appearence of having a full head of hair. How many people would I fool? (Just those with poor vision). I think a silver fender on that bike, set close as the black one is to the tire would look great. If you insist on trying to make it look like there is no fender, after painting it black, paint some matching tire treads on the fender so you can really look stupid.\
Just some personal thoughts...

Knucklehead Steve

BitMonkey said...

So what do you really think? JK

I really like a good comb-over. It does appear I will be Northwest bound in early January.