Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mrs Motorcycle

Let's face it, being completely motorcycle obsessed can be stressful on relationships. Many of the guys I know that are really obsessive vintage motorcycle builders or collectors are bachelors or divorced. Both Flathead Rob and I are extremely lucky to be married to amazing women that are incredibly tolerant and supportive of our motorcycle bullshit.

I escape in motorcycles, my mind is lost in old motorcycles almost more than I am comfortable admitting. Building or restoring a motorcycle is a huge time and money commitment. Obviously having a family is an enormous resource commitment (mind you, I'm not complaining. Don't dare tell them but my wife & kids mean way more to me than motorcycles). Money is often tight so I readily substitute my shop time for money (i.e. I do everything myself even if it increases time expense exponentially).

Thanks Mrs. Bitmonkey for supporting my ridiculous hobby (and generally putting up with all my crap). I'm so lucky and thrilled to have you in my life. The same goes for Mrs. Flathead who has done innumerable and incredibly generous things to support my motorcycle addiction over the years. More importantly SHE puts up with all my big brother's motorcycle related BS and supports him enormously in every other way. THANKS!

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