Sunday, November 23, 2014

Seattle International Motorcycle Show 2014

Flathead Rob and I made the trek out to the International Motorcycle Show yesterday, mostly to see the Pacific Museum of Motorcycling presentation (which was great BTW). Sometimes I go to an event and just feel like being a spectator. Most of the photos I did take were bikes I thought my gearheaded 9 year old would have wished he had seen. There was a lot of other cool stuff (particularly vintage stuff) I didn't get pictures of.
To paraphrase the Brady Bunch "Barcia Barcia Barcia!"
Mike Boehlke built faux patina Knucklehead
Hinkley Street Tracker
Hinckley Gary Nixon Tribute

My son was playing with a toy Valentino Rossi race bike when I stopped him to show him the picture I'd taken for him. :)
This photo was taken by one of the Seattle Rockers. Very nicely built bike
This Triumph apparently built by a local tattoo artist named Aaron Egging was very very impressive. It was easily my favorite bike at the whole show.

I've never seen Monobloc's run reversed like this. It must be a serious pain to deal with tuning but it sure looks nice and clean

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