Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ran When Installed

Not cheap but in my admittedly bias opinion it is perhaps the most beautiful Triumph engine ever built:

Totally rebuilt close-finned all alloy 1951 Triumph TR5 engine (500cc), mount plates, with 1959 transmission. Ready to drop into a pre-unit swing-arm frame, add oil and start!
This engine has been totally disassembled, cleaned and inspected before re-assembly, any parts that were worn or out of spec have been replaced with new.

New Parts, Engine:
Valve Springs
Valves - Intake & Exhaust
Valve Guides
Head Gasket
Pistons +.020, Standard 7.0:1 Compression
Piston Rings
Wrist Pin Bushings
Cam Bushings
Main Bearing - Drive Side
Main Bearing - Timing Side
All Engine Gaskets
Tappets - Re-Ground
Valve Seats Re-Ground, Hand Lapped

New Parts, Transmission:
High Gear Bearing
Lay Shaft Bearing
Barnett Clutch Complete, Metal and Friction Plates
Primary Chain
Kick Start & Shift Lever Rubbers

Polished Aluminum Parts:
Rocker Box Caps
Rocker Boxes
Timing Cover
Inner & Outer Primary Chain Case
Inner & Outer Transmission Covers

Re-Chromed Parts:
Intake & Exhaust Push Rod Tubes
Kick Start Lever & Pedal
Shift Lever

All original hardware re-plated and used where ever possible. NOS hardware used where available. Re-manufactured hardware used where necessary.

Mount Plates have been cleaned, bead-blasted and powder coated gloss black. Includes all new mounting studs, washers and nuts.

Magneto has been disassembled, cleaned, checked, lubed and re-assembled per spec. It fires a hot blue spark. New metal core plug wires and caps. Ignition timing has been set per spec.

Valve lash has been set per spec.
There is no oil in the engine or transmission except that used in the assembly process, you must ad proper oil before starting!!! 

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