Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Worlds Quickest "Forty" - A.J. Lewis

I stumbled across this article recently. It looks to me like it may be from the March 1954 issue of CYCLE magazine but I can't tell for sure. I can't say how much I love this bike.

The Ariel shop A.J. Lewis ran appears to still be around and kicking. There is some great historical and restoration content up there. Here are just a handful of the jewels from their site.

Gale Searing's first 1950 GP. This motorcycle was given to A.J. Lewis by Johnson Motors to race at Daytona. The rider was Tex Luce. The motor was rebuilt and restored by the owner and A.J. Lewis
Gale Searing's Triumph GP with A. J. Lewis
Tex Luce on GP with A. J. (owner/tuner) at Daytona

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