Thursday, November 14, 2013

Modern Motorcycle Mechanics - Second Edition

I just received a comment from Greg Williams, the man behind the beautiful reprints of Modern Motorcycle Mechanics. He mentioned they have now reprinted the Second Edition of Modern Motorcycle Mechanics -- a limited edition run of 540 books, each one hand numbered.

 I have a lot of motorcycle books I keep around because they are just old and cool. Only a few are references I actually use to solve problems. My brother Flathead Rob has an original copy of the Second Edition and it fills both roles in the most wonderful way! Go buy this book. If my "parts needed" queue was presently gobbling all my motorcycle money I would absolutely be all over this offer.

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Flathead45 said...

Great book. Mine is unfortunately coming apart from use.

The first photo is really cool. The .050" over pistons (in .060" over cylinders!) that came out of my '48 Indian are Hepolite pistons. They are good enough to re-use, if I ever get back to .050" over...