Saturday, November 2, 2013

NLAMC's Racing Legends Series Sweaters

I've wanted a 50's JOMO/Triumph race sweater for a few years now. I've even been considering trying to make one. Needless to say I was pretty stoked to see North Los Angeles Motorcycle Club's Racing Legends Series reproduction of Jimmy Phillip's sweater.
Jimmy Phillip's daughter Andrea (L) in the reproduction & grand-daughter Laura (R) in the real deal
Unfortunately the Phillips JOMO sweater is pre-production. The Jimmy Phillips Daytona and Floyd Emde sweaters already available in the Racing Legends Series are cool but mine has to be a JOMO...

UPDATE: Ugh! Jedd said they could make one. Now I'll need to sell a kidney or something...

I also found this photo of a blue Jimmy Phillips raced sweater worn by his granddaughter Danny Phillips at the last Trailblazers banquet. What a great color.

The Phillips family also contributed some photos of Jimmy to NLAMC. Some I've seen before and some I haven't. Jimmy's Triumph is one of my favorites of the early 50's. I love the dirt track bikes of that era.

Jimmy's got some swagger

Sliding around the backyard

Lovely #8
Tragically Phillips lost his life following a crash in 1958. He was only 31.

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