Thursday, November 28, 2013

Speedbird Update

More Speedbird spy photos. That head was "acquiring patina" in a milk crate in my garage not so long ago. So cool to see it loved. Rumor has it engine assembly might start before long. Flathead Rob recommends measuring everything you can think of - twice.

Swanky Big-Valve Ceramic Coated Thunderbird Head
Dry Primary - seal side of the crank case
Forged Fork Lower Porn
Balanced Crank & Rods


Flathead45 said...

Nice! At this rate, Cussenworks will be out riding before the Chief engine is back in the frame. My shop has mostly been Cussing-works of late!

english stephen said...

I don't think so - I'm just on the easy bit at the moment - though, my castings are a bit of a problem especially with a 9 month turnaround! Mistakes are very costly to the overall timescale of the project. And, I'm looking at another cycle there!!!