Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vincent National - Mancos Colorado

Michael Breeding attended the Vincent National last week and was kind enough to share a few photos. I wish I could have been there.

A lovely 1952 Black Shadow. Ding dangit! I left my quarter million $$$ in my other pants. Incidentally, I had the amazing good fortune to actually ride one recently... it's worth the money.

Michael mentioned this one is owned, built and ridden a lot by Dennis Magri of San Francisco. The only USA Vindian Michael is aware of. Built around a 1946-48 Indian chassis. Pretty cool. Check out it's older sibling in the background.

OK, to begin with I'm not exactly a purist. I actually like Jeff Decker's Black Lightning. However in my opinion this is pretty much an atrocity. If memory serves this is the Vincent Redneck Engineering built. I was never much of a fan of Matt Hotch's Vincent but at least it to some extent had the flow of a Vincent. There's something to be said about form-following-function when Hotch's Black Shadow couldn't match the Bonneville performance of a stock Black Shadow...

Michael was kinder than I. He said the build quality was actually fairly good. It sold to a Canadian collector for an undisclosed amount.

And the absolute opposite extreme... a Black Lightning you could just jump on and ride! Awesome! Check out the series A Rapide in the background too. I just LOVE those bikes.

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