Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ran When Parked

This is the bike that started it all for me. It's still as beautiful to me now as it was then.

My Dad took my into the local Honda dealership because he was shopping for a lawn mower. I saw this and thought "Holy crap! They make real live motorcycles for kids! Why didn't anyone tell me?!" I'd seen minibikes and never cared about them, they weren't real motorcycles. From that point on it's all I ever thought about. I'm a lucky guy to have Flathead Rob for a big brother. He loaned my the money to buy my first non-runner and in very short order with his help it became a runner I rode the tire off of. Without him I doubt I ever would have found the means to actually buy a bike or learned how to keep one running. It's still just as true today.

I can't thank you enough Rob. You influenced many of the absolute best aspects in my life. In turn we have Dad to thank for a lot of what you taught me.

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