Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Albuquerque Motocross Track History

A coworker buddy and I got in a conversation about old ABQ Motocross tracks today. The bulk of the discussion involved two old guys struggling to recall the name of the track out semi-near Petroglyph Park, Volcano Cliffs Motocross Park. I had no idea that track had existed since the 60's. I don't think I was ever there prior to the early 80's.  

 I was a diehard Big Dig (now known as Montesa Park, pretty cool name) guy before that .

The following is some old Big Dig stuff I've posted here before.

Lots of people think the movie industry started in the South end of ABQ with the Mesa Del Sol Studios. They are wrong. The 1977 masterpiece Sidewinder 1 was shot in large part at the Big Dig. 

Anyone know of any earlier MX/Scrambles tracks in MX?

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Anonymous said...

The Cliffs was the 3rd track built in/around/near Abq, Hog Farm 1st, West Mesa 2nd, Volcano Cliffs, 3rd, then Bearcat followed by Lee's MX off N-25 , after the NMMC started to folded up we did the Oh MY god 100, & The tumbelweed Enduro, We also made a movie with all the trscks in it,, called "On Every Sunday", pretty much done by Bill Renig our club Photo expert, Some of the members nemes were, Skinner, Hole in the Hand, Mr. Likquor, DFL, Lucky, Quick Throttle , WildMan, RRSF, Flim Flam Man, No Neck, Strokey , Suds, Jones , Spitter, Art, Lunchie , Black Snake, and Many others, we had more fun that allowed,,, Morgan