Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vaughn Duke

As some may know V has gotten wind of me selling my Charger and is NOT backing it.

V & I were in Charger vicinity today and he spent 20-30 minutes assessing the vehicle. He did a few imaginary laps at the wheel in Daytona (you know he demanded the actual keys first), tried every seat/seat belt, made me pop the hood, delivered a guilt-trip about getting it running and closed it all out by surveying the contents of the trunk.

Years ago Flathead Rob rescued a lovely "Dukes of Hazard" lunchbox for me from an antique store. Somehow I think that gift has supposed to be a joke but it has done a fine job of storing various small parts like carb stuff etc in the trunk. V decided that lunchbox is exactly what he needs for 1st grade success next year. Something tells me his Mom won't exactly mirror his enthusiasm.

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Flathead45 said...

What can I say... The kid has impeccable taste. Must come from his uncle Flathead...