Sunday, May 15, 2011

27th Annual Museum Show

I did the ABQ Museum show today. Impressive show with some super cool cars. Unfortunately the motorcycle turnout was pretty weak. Good time but I didn't stay through the awards presentation. I was afraid I would cry if I lost to a Wizzer or a sidecar Cushman and didn't want anyone to see that happen (and I forgot to take my back anti-inflammatory this morning).

I took quite a few pictures but I'm pretty baked so I'm only posting a few.

Justin was cool enough to tag along for a while. One of these days he's gonna tell me to F off when I wake him at the crack of dawn on a Sunday. I didn't want to say anything but I think I may have caught him pilfering parts for his model A. It was worth it when I saw him leaving with with the Ford flathead balanced on the polished aluminum tank on his Bonneville.

Thanks to V and the Mrs for making an appearance. My woman's pick of the show was this 356 roadster. I honestly have no idea if it was legit or a kit.

Knucklehead Steven & Deacon made an appearance to lure the ladies. Steven offered V a ride in the sidecar but V wimped out. Next time. Deacon ain't scared.

This Dodge Bros was one of my favs. It would be tough to pick an overall fav.

I WAS diggin' this roadster... Lots of cool fab. Really simple but not junky. Nice contrast to some of the garish ultra high buck cars. Then it left on a trailer. Nothing says traditional hot rod like being trailered.

Apparently there is an underground custom car movement to build exact replicas of cars Flathead Rob once owned. I thought that only happened to James Dean and Steve McQueen.

This 1933 Chrysler was pretty rad. Two door and still dwarfed Flathead Rob's '33 Plymouth four door sedan.

I met the guy that owns this Studebaker truck at Cars & Coffee yesterday. Cool guy. He had just driven it in from LA and it was absolutely riddled with bug strikes. I was really trying hard to convince him he should take it to the museum show without cleaning it up. It could have been the newest fad. Street rodders would purchase live insects and shoot them at the front of their car from a sandblaster immediately after unloading it from the trailer so it would appear they drove there. The super cool guys would pay huge sums of money to have guys airbrush faux bug strikes and not ever know why. Damn, it's work to be a trend setter.

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