Saturday, May 14, 2011

Field Trip to Tom's

I went to visit a new friend Tom's place. Great guy, great taste, super cool collection of motorcycles. Huge mistake... now I have to figure out how to buy his 1951 Triumph Tiger 100.

If I had an Excelsior twin in my garage the Tiger might land on my "time to sell list" as well.

This 30's 500 single might have been my favorite bike in the lot. Check out the exposed valve train. Just behind it is a Velocette bobber in the works. I think the powerplant is very similar to the one that would have been in Dad's first bike. It features a cool custom split HD 45 style gas/oil tank combo setup.

Rickman MX'er. It's got to be a beast.


"Shouldered 19" alloy Akront rim? Sure, it's in the stack over near the Lycoming radial." I hope Tom didn't have to spend to much time mopping up drool after I left. He has the most organized collection of MC parts I've ever seen in a non-professional shop. I posted a pretty good sized copy of this photo knowing Flathead Rob would need to exam the radial.

Speaking of Flathead Rob, he is always trying to sell me on how much V needs a pint-sized bobber. Hard to top this one. Incidentally if Brit Stephen is reading this I got the impression Tom sorta thinks a road going Cub project would be kinda anemic/nuts. Probably not as crazy as Flathead Rob's v-twin Cub engine idea but I digress... Whatever, this thing is just pretty bitchin'.

Tom, I can't thank you enough for letting me come by today. It's remarkable how similar our MC philosophies are. Kidding aside, I am seriously considering the Tiger and how I might pull that off.

Flathead Rob. Keep your eyes peeled for Jawas in your neck of the woods.

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