Monday, May 23, 2011

1947 Velocette

I got to talking with Dad this morning about the Velocette he owned in high school. I'm primarily posting this to remember the details.

He is confident it was a 1947. He does not remember the model but knows it was a 350. After doing a little research I suspect it may have been a KSS.

Dad thinks it had telescopic forks rather than the girder. Apparently it also came with the less than desirable factory optional death wobble. He mentioned walking back up a road after miraculously surviving a tank slapper to find crisscrossed black marks chalking his path. He also mentioned it was missing the wacky stock Velocette muffler setup. Properly loud & obnoxious like every high school kids bike should be. He only owned it for a few years and sold it to a local friend. I wish I had it...

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