Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I got the needle retainer I needed to get my RH carb back together. It's running much better at low to mid RPM. I checked the compression again after it had been running about a minute. LH cylinder still measures about 95 PSI, LH side was about 60 PSI.

The guys down at Sourhwest Cycles do head related machine work, cylinder boring, etc. Dad's new insight into Whitwoth tools helps:

"The key for decoding whitworth wrenches is that the value stamped on the
wrench specifies the bolt diameter rather than the head measurement
across the flats."

"By this standard, I believe that the valve adjuster lock nut takes a
3/16" wrench. The head measurement across the flats is 0.445". The
following table gives all of the measurements."

I need to find a good deal on a 3/8th's drive socket set.

Ran the bike a little longer tonight, probably long enough to get it fully warmed up. I then repeated the compression test and got 90 PSI on both sides. Rob recommended doing another check of the problem side (RH). Now I'm not even getting 30 PSI...

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