Saturday, June 7, 2008

Qwest for Whitworth Tools

So I found this British Motorcycle place up in the U-District, in business since '74, and at first the guy (I think his name was Roland D LeBay) seemed a little reluctant to open the door. There was a pile of Triumphs and parts knee deep inside, and he was working on a Triumph Trident. Eventually he loosened up a bit. I think there was a 1955 Triumph pre-unit in the back shop bay that was restoring itself. I heard creaking and when I looked, it was much shinier... Thought I heard some Liverpool rock'n'roll playing too...

Sorry I couldn't be there for the fireworks. If anyone reads this post, don't tell Lynn about the tools!!

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BitMonkey said...

Too funny!

I wish you were here. Working on the bike has really made me miss you. It sure has been cool to see Dad more though. Man I'm missing Tyler Too! He's planning to hook up with you guys 7/5.