Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Troubleshooting Ideas

With a day or two of thought, there are two carb issues I have not completely exhausted.

I probably need to really confirm the float levels are correct. The most definitive method I've found for doing that is this one. I suspect the float level may be too low in one or both. Symptoms include:
  • slow to tickle (too low)
  • lean running (too low)
I'm still pretty confident the closest I've come to right is the 180 main jets and the needle on the middle setting. The problem is, it won't idle and there doesn't seem to be enough range of adjustment in the pilot screw to correct the 0 - 1/8 throttle mixture problem. This make me again question if there might be residual crap in the pilot jets.

They say " The number one cause for poor starting, erratic idle and poor low speed running are clogged pilot jets" and I have now tried to clean them several times. I've been trying the guitar string method. I think it's time to commit to the #78 drill. I was a little nervous about breaking a drill that small off before now.

I still think it's worth the effort to confirm the ignition timing is correct too.

Finally, for those that have so generously helped me realize this project, please don't think I'm ungrateful if I have postings that are negative or moody occasionally. As you know I'm a moody bastard. I think the fact that we've all collectively owned the exact same POS British car at various times in our lives should give some insight to where I'm coming from sometimes.

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