Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ride365 Revisited

My family and I became overnight Team Ride365 fanatics last year at the Glendale Supercross. We met some of the Oregon based Ride365 guys on the rental car shuttle and when they offered us a tour through the team truck that's all it took. We were instant fans.
Fast forward one year and there was a ton of change. A few days before Anaheim II 2017 it was announced that Ride365 and the Stewart family were combining forces to become Stewart Racing. The team truck got redressed. Loads of background hustle was involved getting bikes prepped, race motors ready and everything else involved. We still got to chat with the guys at Glendale but there was a palpable increase in chaos in their pit. They have a ton on the line now.
I did get to meet Malcolm and James Sr. but I was honestly more excited about meeting Brett Cue and Chase Marquier. The core Ride365 team seem like great guys. I hope their partnership with Stewart Racing really helps them grow the team and business. It's a really big move for them. I wish them the best.

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