Sunday, February 12, 2017

One Moto Show

Great showing at the One Moto Show in Portland, Oregon yesterday. I always struggle with deciding whether or not to post photos. I suspect a lot of effort goes into lighting the bikes to look good at the event but I always find it very difficult to take snapshots. There are A LOT of people and the bikes are pretty close together in some areas. I take snapshots so I can recall details about favorites but inevitably I skip a lot because stressing about getting clear shots starts to impede my overall enjoyment of the show. Also, there tend to be incredible shots of the show if you hunt around. That said I guess I'll post these should I want to find them again at some point.

Sadly, I guess I'm a little socially retarded. Inevitably I start to wig out over the crowds (and hipster poseurs) and by the end I can't even focus on the bikes. Maybe if I have a bike in the show one day and can spread it out over more time I'll enjoy the show more as a whole.

I tend to gravitate to the bikes I'm just dying to ride. This puppy was way up there.
Jeremy "Showtime" McGrath signature helmet. McGrath was one of the first guys to run a super pimpy Troy Lee painted helmet. The "bubbles" became somewhat of a trademark. The pink bubbles on his signature helmet are a nod to his wife's bout with breast cancer.
The new 2017 Triumph "Bobber." Seeing it in person didn't really help me decide what I think about it. I guess if you lead with your heart you shouldn't have to think about it.
This one was high on the "ride it" list. 2 strokes automatically get a +1 in the irresistiblity department.

Tom Rattan's 1949 Triumph GP.  I absolutely LOVE this bike!
I got to chat with Tom for a few minutes again. He strikes me as a super humble guy. Tom is manufacturing a lot of the one-off parts for these super rare (150 made) beasts. Tom previously built a beautiful replica that I believe is sitting in the offices of Triumph America. This is a real one.
This is Chuck Hodson's 1914 Indian Special dirt bike. Chuck raced for Cycle Hub - Sandy Bandit 1958-1970's. My favorite thing about about this bike is it was purely built to be ridden. Chuck follows no rules!

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