Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ride For The Cure

Joey convinced me to go on PJ Triumph's "Ride for the Cure" today (and it's her birthday, is my wife cool or what?). I ended up meeting a guy named Justin with a pretty cool Triumph cafe. It's hard to tell from this photo but some of his fabrication is very sweet. He's also working on a model A truck hot rod too which judging from his bike should be pretty bitchin'. Seems like a cool guy. Unfortunately there were not really any other old bikes there to speak of.


BLAM said...

Don't know that I would have lined those teeth on the tank up with my groin. Suppose you ride into a curb or stop short? Game over, friends.

BitMonkey said...

Pretty hardcore for sure. Justin was showing me holes in the front of his flannel shirt from the spikes, they aren't just for show. Cool guy though.

The bike is really cool too but all anyone notices is the spikes. He did mention he was kinda considering taking 'em off. If it were mine I'd just get sick all the stupid comments.