Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jameville '37 U

Lifted from the Jameville blog in Copenhagen. I think I'd actually prefer this bike with 18" wheels but they do build some really cool stuff.


Flathead45 said...

I think it's pretty cool , but I'm with you. The 16" rims can be coll too, but I don't care for the beefy oversize tires. I also like the older dashes and speedos better...


i prefer the older dashes too but the tanks are from 1947 so the dash is 1947. the skull and cats eye dashes do not fit to the tanks as well.

and would love to know what other tires you would use, these are vintage Avon tires.

thanks james

BitMonkey said...

I personally really like Firestone Deluxe Champions. It's all merely a matter of personal taste, kinda like the color of shirt you choose to wear.

The wheel/tire combo you used on the 1200 U posted back in August is really nice. Coker Diamond Treads & Akront shouldered alloys?

You build some really killer bikes, thanks for commenting.