Sunday, September 6, 2009

Clay's Latest

This is not a Slimline tank, it's a TR6 that had 2.5" cut out of the center. Handbuilt hardtail. Hand hammered and polished aluminum oil bag. Really fricken nice.

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Flathead45 said...

Wow, this one is really nice. No extraneous bling, but what's there is really well done. Beautiful paint.

Chris had a Triumph bobber at his workshop with the head off. It had a really funky bolt-on hardtail with a plunger rear suspension. I had never seen one of those before. Wasn't my thing (it was primer with pinstripes), but it was definitely unique.

I talked a bit to Chris about your oil tank. He was not at all concerned about the capacity. He just said when the oil smells different or looks burned, change it. Might need to be changed a bit more often than a stock Bonnie, but I think you are already doing that. Said the Triumph does not rely on oil for cooling, just for lubrication, so the only concern is oil breaking down.

We'll get your tank shipped Monday if you think it will work for you.