Saturday, January 16, 2016

Ran When Parked

1973 Redline Yamaha RD100 - Every so often I see a bike I'm actually thankful I don't have the cash to buy "just 'cuz." This one definitely fits the bill. Redline began business building race frames similar to Trackmaster and others. I believe they even did some dragster and race car stuff early on. They eventually landed squarely in the fledgling BMX industry much in the same way some of their early competitors did like GT bikes (Gary Turner), JMC and Littlejohn did. The rest is history. It's way too easy for me to get sappy about that stuff.

So to start with it's 2 stroke which almost automatically makes me throw rational thought out the window. Add to that all the birth of BMX stuff and I could just get stupid. Good thing it's not an RD400. It doesn't hurt any that Redline's corporate offices are now in Kent, Washington.

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gortnipper said...

I had a Redline Squareback BMX bike when I was a kid in Seattle in the mid 70s. It got ripped off.