Saturday, January 16, 2016

2 Stroke Candle

From Bike-urious. Not even I am this psycho about 2 strokes:

"Got a 2-stroke fan in your life who’s been missing that distinctive smell while the snow’s outside? Flying Tiger Motorcycles has got you covered with a candle made with 2-stroke oil!
I’m guessing it’d be safer to burn this candle then to run your 2-stroker in your living room or man cave. The candle is made from 2-stroke oil and soy wax with a wood wick.
The candle is $20 and can be ordered here."

Actually I've been thinking a 2 stroke flavored beer might be the way to go. Premix Porter? Plug Fouler IPA? Auto-Injector Amber? Let me know if you have any brilliant name suggestions.

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