Saturday, January 2, 2016

Auburn PD

Flathead Rob ran into a local guy named Rod recently whose father was the first (& only if memory  serves) motorcycle officer with Auburn PD. Rod shared some photos and a little history that more than justifies posting the slightly grainy pics. Too cool. Thanks for sharing Rod.

Traffic Officer Ed Wilson - Auburn PD 1966
Officer Wilson joined Auburn in 1962 and retired in 1987. His fondest career memories were riding his 1962 Panhead. Officer Wilson was only on the bike for a year and a half and just missed out on the Electriglides that came along in 1965. The Electriglides introduced the electric start as a feature...  They built guys tough in those days. Officer Wilson is still readily "putting down the miles" at age 77.

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Flathead45 said...

Rod mentioned that in the pre-Electraglide days, the motorcycle cops all prided themselves on being able to get their motors started on a single kick, because more kicks than that would result in speeders getting away...