Monday, April 6, 2015

End To End

Pretty interesting photo in my personal opinion. Pictured below are the very first and latest motorcycle projects completed by my brother and I.

The 1974 Yamaha GTMX 80 is the first motorcycle Flathead Rob and I brought home. It was a non-runner at the time. Rob loaned me the $130 to buy it through a newspaper classified ad. I've owned it damn near 40 years. The photo below is the earliest one I could find. The subjects are my grandparents. I'd guess photo was taken in the late 1970's. I rode that bike until late 1981. I just got it running again and cleaned up for my 10 year old to ride last week.

The 1948 Indian Chief is the most recent bike completed by the "Root Brothers." I found the bike through a business associate in 2011. It had been hidden away in a shed since 1985.

 The bike came with some really cool documentation. We have some reason to suspect the bike came came from Rudolph Indian in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Rob was careful to preserve some of the legacy. We were even able to track down a Rudolph Bros Indian family member.

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