Monday, April 20, 2015

Bonehead Enduro - 2015

This news is too cool not to share. The Bonehead Enduro is a local event associated with the Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiasts (VME). JD McGeary just posted the following on FB:

"I won the Bonehead Enduro today on my 1928 Harley JD. I was on the only American bike out of 60 people who entered and the next oldest bike was a 1961 triumph. Most everybody was on 70's thru brand new dual sports and enduros. 60+ miles of dirt mud rocks and ruts."

I've only had the opportunity to chat with JD on a couple of occasions but I liked him right away. I love it when people own and RIDE old bikes. JD takes that to a whole new level. Nicely done JD!


Tom Samuelsen was kind enough to add some additional details on the Bonehead this year. I was afraid they'd go unnoticed buried in the comments section. Thanks Tom!

74 year old Mailman from Tacoma VME won the oldest Rider. He picked up all of the bones, there were 19 this year. There were 55 riders in total. 4 of them over 70, three in their 20's and one female this year. Gary Griffith got the hard luck award on his 1961 triumph twin. It started to run on one cylinder then gave up completely about 25 miles out of town. The Roseburg Race Team from Oregon got the long distance award. We found a few motorcycle parts, if you are missing any thing call to claim. A. Bonehead

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