Friday, April 24, 2015

22nd Annual Bonehead Enduro

While I didn't make the Bonehead Enduro, Tom Samuelsen was nice enough to pass along some of the photos he took along the way. I have to make this event someday. In a previous post I mentioned JD's success on his 1928 HD JD.

Bone #2
Bone #6 - On the Trail
Sasquatch Bridge
Sunday Creek
Ed Hines - 1962 Jawa

Sasquatch Bridge Bone
Ed & Sean
Lester Lost Chain
Don's Yamaha Not Running
Don Harvey In The Mud Bog
Paul Hendersen
Don's Yamaha Wet Points
Mud Bog Bone
Snow Bone
4000 Feet Up The North Fork - No Snow Bone
Debb & Gary On Broken Triumph. Debb Harvey rode to south America 2 years ago with her husband Don
Lenox Creek Bridge
Black Dog Cafe
Black Dog

Broken Bones
Mailman & Jon (JD)

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