Sunday, August 17, 2014

Moore's Cycle Center

I became a very loyal customer of Keith Moore and Moore's Cycle Center while I was working on the restoration of Emma, my 1951 Triumph T100 Tiger. Keith provided a lot of priceless advice about about building an early Pre-Unit, had all the stuff I needed at a very fair price and made ordering parts something I almost looked forward to. In my case building vintage motorcycles is something I'm supposed to be doing for fun, yet a lot of the places I've done business with often seemed annoyed by your call to order stuff. Keith was always cool and genuinely valued his customers. That's really worth a lot to me and really sets a shop apart in a world of eBay that totally removes customer service from the whole equation. I was incredibly bummed when Keith passed considering I'd never actually met the guy.

 I know the doors at Moore's where closed for a while when Keith passed but I don't know how ownership/management was transferred. Admittedly I was concerned that Keith left very big shoes to fill.

I haven't bought much in the way of parts for a while but given how much I really liked Moore's in the past I reminded my self that they really deserved another shot. Week before last I placed a small order of miscellaneous parts. Moore's had always filled orders for me really quickly so I had that in the back of my mind. It eventually occurred to me that a little more that a week had passed since I placed more and decided to call to check the status of my order. We pretty quickly determined the shipping address was wrong, I honestly don't know if that was their mistake or mine. Were super cool about the whole thing and quickly called me back to say the whole thing was sorted out.

 I received the replacement order before I know it. When I looked I noticed immediately that the package had been sent 2nd Day Air. I very pleasant surprise. I opened to package and confirmed  I have gotten exactly what I ordered. When I unpacked the order I also found a handwritten note on the invoice again apologizing for the mistaken (which again might well have been mine mind you). I found a Moore's patch in in the box as well. The point is the folks running the shop now have well preserved the customer focus that set Moore's apart.

If you are looking for Triumph parts I'd really encourage to give them a shot. Based on maybe two orders so far the Keane's seem to be doing a topnotch job.

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