Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lemay Vintage Motorcycle Festival 2014

As expected Flathead Rob and I had a pretty good time at the Lemay Vintage Motorcycle Festival. Great turnout and the bikes on average were incredibly high caliber. We met some really cool people as well.  I find to some extent I have to force myself to snap a few photos at events like this because I don't feel like dealing with the destination it requires. Luckily Rob shot some photos too.

I had two thoughts after studying this photo for a few second. 1) I'm not that convinced she actually cares about the detail he's pointing out and 2) I'm not sure the guy with the hat and moustache is staring at Olivia
Birth of a Dream
The concern written on people's faces when a kid starts climbing all over show bikes is palpable. The funny part is the kid may well own the bikes he was climbing on one day
The Triumph turnout was unreal!

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