Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Duthie Hill

My son Vaughn has begun to take a serious interest in BMX racing. It started with a trip to a local BMX track. Soon after he decided having a better bike would be cool. We spent most of the money he has been saving for a couple of years toward a bike. In effect his Mom & Dad matched what he had to buy the bike that he'd finally settled on. He's been riding it non-stop since he got it but he was really anxious to try it out on a track. We were near Issaquah on Sunday and ended up being about 10 minutes from Duthie Hill. Given that it's a facility that attracts a lot of mega long travel downhill mountain biker I was a little apprehensive about taking him out there.

Vaughn hammering up a ladder

I ended being pretty proud of him. He did a better than a lot of novice adult mountain bikers I've accompanied before. And he and I were both on BMX bikes! He also takes instruction really well.

I hadn't ridden a bike much in quite awhile, mostly out of concern of re-injuring my bike. It was fun and felt good both after the ride and the next day. I'm gonna have to take him back soon.

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