Thursday, April 17, 2014

Carlsbad Motocross 500 USGP

I've been thinking a bit recently about attending the Suzuki School of Motocross back in the summer of 1982. The school was hosted at Carlsbad Speedway, the only US based track on the International Motocross Grand Prix schedule. I remember being pretty damn excited to ride the same track the best of the best raced on. It looks almost lame by today's standards. It makes me feel pretty old now too. I hear the track is now was cleared for a housing development some years ago.  Again, I am old.

Tragically David Bailey was injured in a crash prior to the 1987 season which left him a paraplegic. I saw Broc Glover pimping Dunlop tires at the Seattle Supercross last weekend. He was not rocking the pink leathers. Ironically those leathers look pretty subdued by today's standards too.

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