Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cliff Stering

I had the distinct honor of meeting Cliff Stering last night. Cliff was actively racing both pre and post WWII. In addition to being Pacific NW Champion Cliff raced all over the West Coast and Canada. Cliff raced the likes of "Ironman" Ed Kretz, Red Farwell, Trev Deely and Gwen Meyers.

Cliff Stering is also a lifetime member of the Seattle Cossacks (member #38). Prospective Seattle Cossack members must be voted in unanimously by the existing member base. I heard from a reliable source that Cliff initially met some resistance while trying to become a member. The story is there was a contingent of existing Cossack members that weren't all that happy about being routinely beaten by Cliff on the racetrack.  Ultimately the acting Team Captain eventually had to intercede to make it right.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Cliff. If you are able to make the time Rob & I would love to see some of the photos you have and listen to a few more stories.

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