Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pre-Unit Rescue

You might remember I posted a photo and link of this bike recently pleading that someone out there buy and rescue this poor bike. Pretty fair price for a pretty complete pre-unit too.

I was pretty stoked to see this comment posted today:

Officially rescued! now I just need a front end & a fuel tank!

Naturally my first thought and comment was "Seriously?!" The following was the response I got.

Very serious, used to have some good friends at Riverside custom motorcycle in Riverside,ca. (Which has since been sold/name change). Did a little wrenchin at Century motorcycles in San Pedro. Somehow ended up on this rock in the middle of the pacific, where Triumphs are few and far between. I do know of 1 guy that has some stuff, for whom will soon be getting a visit.
But yes, was on cl for about 3 years, as the price was waaaayyy too high, now finally came down to something we could work with, and picked her up for less than sticker. I did indeed give her a kick yesterday and after i go through the carb, there shouldn't be much resistance. Will keep you posted.    

The new owner has something similar to this in mind for it.

Pretty cool story. I can't to see what becomes of it. If anyone out there knows of a good Triumph parts source local to Hawaii please let me know.

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