Thursday, March 27, 2014

Duplex Cafe

I'm normally the biggest fan of Triumph cafes, too many are proportionally oblivious. This duplex pre-unit is pretty rad.


Anonymous said...

hey man, i cant get enought of this bike, do you have anymore information on it?

BitMonkey said...

I don't really know much about that bike. I remember searching around a little when I originally posted it and I looked again just now. There are a ton of links to this photo but I couldn't find any additional photos or detail about the bike. I wish I could tell you who built it.

It's definitely a pre-unit. It appears to be a stock Duplex front frame section, I suspect the whole frame and swingarm is Duplex. The Duplex frames were only used '60-'62. The gas tank is the right color scheme for a 1961 Triumph T-120R Bonneville so chances are the whole bike started from that as a base. The forks are not stock and may not even be Triumph. I think the front brake may be a Yamaha TD/TR/TZ four leading shoe (4LS) unit.

It's a cool bike. If you track down anything further please let me know.