Wednesday, June 27, 2012


"Lurkingclass" Pete from the Jockey Journal is selling some insane stuff on eBay right now. His original T100/RR tank is currently sitting at about $1500.

Can't help but make a guy wonder what Jeff Decker's 100RR actually is worth.

Kinda funny, when I met Jeff Decker a couple of years ago he said something like "I don't know much about Triumphs but I do own one." Yep, I'd say he does...


Vorhese said...

These are small reasons I'm thinking about getting out of old bikes. I can't compete with the money being thrown at this stuff. Even stuff like CB350s are going for insane money.

BitMonkey said...

I can certainly sympathize with that. I seem to encounter two types of parts horders. Guys that collected tons of rare stuff that sits on a shelf until someone offers twice market value (a very long time) and guys that just wanna see parts get used on a bike. I try hard to be and associate with the latter. eBay has largely killed the social connections that used to be a part of parts hunting. Now it's just a faceless highest bidder. I have a couple of slightly older mentors that have been in the game a long time. I find they occasionally throw me a bone for which I am extremely grateful. Those guys sure make things way more fun when the vast majority of your income is going to family/kid responsibilities.