Friday, June 8, 2012

Ed Kretz & James Dean

Going fast, women, being a bad ass. What do you suppose they were talking about?


Nate said...

James Dean was before my time but between him and Elivs those guys are pretty cool idols to have except for dying young part. There are some pretty cool pictures of James Dean and Elivs on motorcycles.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say, but James Dean was a poser. Especially when compared to guys like Steve McQueen. Not to mention he was reckless, which is why he died so young.

Steve McQueen was a motorcycle mechanic (among many other jobs, including a job as a lumber jack) before becoming a big actor and there is a story that he actually worked on one of James Dean's bikes. James Dean supposedly bought all the bikes off the showroom floor (all Triumphs of course) and McQueen wasn't impressed that some pretty boy like Dean had the money to do that. Needless to say, McQueen didn't like him that much after that, even though he had looked up to him at one point.