Sunday, May 30, 2010

4-Wheeled Post: Charger 440 RT

Very pretty 1969 2nd owner Charger I saw today. Still has the all it's original parts down to the factory AC, cruise control, and hub caps.

He told me that the stock broker who bought it new had to have the dealer respray the back to remove the stripe, because his wife thought it was too gaudy. Gues she was okay with the big block, however.

He also owns a 6000 lb immaculate 1942 Dodge military ambulance powered by a flathead 6 like the Plymouth. Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum...

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BitMonkey said...

Thanks for posting. Nice car. I thought rally wheels (rather than hubcaps) were a part of the RT package. I guess car dealers were just ready to soak you for options anyway they could. The bumble bee stripe story is too funny. It proves Panther Pink and Plum Crazy weren't for everyone.