Saturday, June 6, 2009

Triumph Tanks

There's a lot of confusion surrounding the late 60's Triumph gas tanks. Factor in the TR6's and 500's and I think they used about 7 different tanks.

Triumph Bonneville gas tanks. The big one is a UK 1968 in hi-fi scarlet and silver. The next on is the large export tank rare to find same 1968 hi-fi scarlet and silver and the small one is the export tank for 1970 in astral red and silver.

Another interesting point (to me), hi-fi scarlet (like my bike) is a candy over a silver base. I suspect Triumph simply masked off the base coat for many of the two-tone schemes. The candy may also explain why my tank has faded so dramatically over the years.

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Flathead45 said...

Seems backwards to me, that the UK tank is high capacity, when you would run out of terra firma on "the emerald isle" before you can run the tank dry, and the U.S. export tank is smaller, when you can ride across a continent.

I think it's a Tory conspiracy, and we should go kick their a##, again.