Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pardon a four-wheeled posting...

Hope you will forgive the four wheeled posting... I met this couple at a local cruise-in. The man bought it from a used car lot in 1957, for $75.00. The paint that you see is original.

The top developed a leak, and he put the car in storage... for 40 years! They pulled it out about eight years ago, and went through the drive train (completely stock, except for dual exhaust). They still haven't replaced the top, still leaks! He added radial tires on 15" rims, but assured me that the original steel wheels were in the garage.

I can't even imagine what this car is worth today... He was not willing to adopt me.

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BitMonkey said...

Too cool!

Parking a car cuz it has a leaky top sounds absurd to a NM kid (Geeves, we'll need a new Duesenberg as the ash tray is full...). I imagine it sucks a bit more in Seattle.