Friday, July 3, 2020

King Kenny & the Legendary Manx

Anyone who knows me knows I was a massive Kenny Roberts and Bob Hannah fan starting at about 10 years old. When other kids where fixated on Roger Staubach,  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and KISS I only cared about them.
"King" Kenny RobertsBob "Hurricane" Hannah
As a Brit bike guy I was super stoked to find this November 1989 issue of Cycle World with Roberts riding a 1959 Norton Manx and Hannah on a 1964 Rickman Triumph. I found an issue on eBay in early May that was permanently lost in the USPS COVID-19 debacle. After waiting about 6 weeks I found another copy and started the wait all over. It finally showed up this week.

The Bob Hannah feature is coming in a future post.

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