Sunday, July 5, 2020

Forsberg Trailer

Admittedly I'm not exactly impartial but I think my big brother takes on some really incredible projects. His fabrication skills, mechanical abilities and attention to detail are pretty inspirational. I've learned a lot from him over a lifetime.
Forsberg Indian
Here's a great example. This trailer was built in the 1940's to hauler race bikes for the local Indian Motorcycle dealer, Forsberg Indian. There are photos of this trailer at period race events hauling hillclimbers and dirt trackers.
The suspension was salvaged from a mid 1930's Ford (arched leafspring, radius rods, axle hubs, etc.). Sadly a lot of what was left was unusable. The trailer was hit while parked and the axle was badly bent. Rob opted to replace it with a hot rod style drop axle to lower the load height. The original fabrication was rough. He's cleaned up everything salvageable and painted it. He found old pickup fenders from a swap meet we narrowed and still need to mount. He has taillights and the all the other parts required to finish it. We just need to find the time to finish it. Pretty cool in my book.
Fender mock up pre-narrow and chassis paint

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