Saturday, June 23, 2018

Daytona 1952

Daytona 1952. Johnson Motors rider Jimmy Phillips finished 3rd. Puyallup Washington Cliff "Red" Farwell finished 2nd and Dick Klamfoth finished 1st.
 Sadly Cliff "Red" Farwell was killed while leading the 1953 race when an inebriated spectator attempted to cross the course on the beach.

Larry Feaster graciously shared the photo below following one of my other Red Farwell posts. Larry’s Dad, Don Feaster was with Red on the trip to Daytona in 1953. Don had just returned from his stint in Korea. Don rode the same factory Norton that Red finished 2nd on at the 1952 Daytona race. This one of my favorite vintage racing photos. The conclusion was obviously trajic beyond words but this photo captured before the race so well captures the the spirit of most the racers I've known over the years.

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