Sunday, April 9, 2017

Seattle Supercross 2017

-=SPOILER ALERT=- Seattle toyed with the idea of turning the Supercross track into a quagmire all week. 500 truck loads of dirt and 6,000 man hours went into the track. With some creative tarping on an incredible scale and a little mercy from mother nature on race day the tack was actually dry!
I always wanted to go to a Supercross race as a kid. For some reason Bob Hannah wasn't racing last night.
 With concerns about weather the pits were moved indoor this year. The teams were really shoehorned in and it was CROWDED. I was hoping to get Justin Barcia's autograph (he's one of the few major current riders I am missing). This is the closest I came.
Vaughn is always excited to check out Ryan Dungey's digs. The 25 bike of Marvin Musquin actually went on to win. Going into the race Ryan Dungey and John Tomac were only 4 points apart in the championship race. Incredibly they ended up tied and will both be running a red plate at the next race in two weeks!

The Legends and Hero's display did not have the space to set up there traveling museum trailer but they were represented. The 1980 Yamaha YZ125 below actually belongs to Lyle Lovett who is a huge vintage MX fan.
This Monark was built by local Monark authority Mike Budschat and belongs to Scott Wallenberg.
I was a little bummed to hear Roger DeCoster had been roaming around the Legends and Heros area earlier in the day and I missed him. So much to do at these events...

I got to hang with my entire family at the race, even my big kids who live near the stadium. Thanks to my wife for getting front row tickets. All in all it was a pretty fantastic day!

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