Sunday, April 9, 2017

Bluebirds MC - 1938

This is the "Bluebirds Motorcycle Club," which roared up and down the streets of White Center, Burien and all around the Northwest for years. The Eyers family photo was taken in front of a Gilmore Gas service station just north of the Triangle Tavern at Roxbury and 16th Avenue in White Center.

According to lifelong resident Chuck Eyers, the Bluebirds were nicknamed the "Gunnysacks," as an inside joke in deference to the larger, more organized Seattle "Cossacks" motorcycle stunt and drill team also founded in 1938.

The group, which included Chuck Eyers' father and mother Charlie and Ella Eyers (second from right,) rode their matching Harley-Davidsons to rallies on the coast and attended meets around the state through much of the 1930s. Ray Swanberg (3rd from the right) owned the Mobil service station just across the street from this location.

Does anyone recognize the three gentlemen on the left side of this photo?

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