Saturday, October 22, 2016

Washington Salvage Yards

The closing of Bent Bike had me thinking of the amazing photos Hemmings posted of Trust Salvage a couple of years ago.

 I'm honestly not sure Trust Salvage is still around and I have never been there. I think my brother said he had been there before. If you've never seen the photos they are well worth a look.

The whole thing got me wondering if there were other similar yards in Washington. I stumbled across these photos taken by photographer Rick Williams in Toppenish Washington. I'll have to see what Flathead Rob knows about this yard. It's worth noting one of Rick's posts mentions he was greeted with a shotgun the first time he visited. Sounds like the owner/caretaker was willing to let him look around but you might not want to surprise him.
There are more great photos of Toppenish here.

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