Friday, October 28, 2016

Alta's Electric MX - Straight Rhythm

Thanks to Bike Curious for pointing out the Alta's Electric story at this years Red Bull's Straight Rhythm competition. If Supercross and drag racing had a baby it would be Straight Rhythm. On paper Supercross with no corners doesn't sound very damn appealing but it does make for some pretty entertaining neck-and-neck racing.
Perhaps most interesting to me Josh Hill raced an Alta Redshift MX electric bike, and he placed 4th in the Lites (250cc)! I think it's a very historically a significant event and it's awesome to see such a competitive heat. It's well worth the 90 seconds or so to watch the heat. Josh was so stoked!

I vividly remember Doug Henry racing the lone 4 stroke in Supercross back in 1998. It's been less than 20 years and I suspect most of the current racers in the Supercross class have never ridden a full-sized two stroke race bike. How far off might electric bikes be?

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